We are a B2B company that supplies natural stone for interior and exterior environments, providing a support service in addition to a product sale.

Our objective is to work together with the client to develop the best stone solutions to a project, at technical, economical and operational levels.

Working directly with various types of clients, and selling a wide range of products, we are focus to keep working with customers to deliver exclusive environments.

Value added products and services

Carefully selected raw materials and knowledge of generations allow us to provide high quality products that are responsible for creating lasting relationships and close partnership with our customers.

Focus on meeting our customers requests by pursuing excellence and continuous improvement of our work. A quality service is provided by controlling the selection and evaluation of the products, including its production and logistics processes.

We have a partnership agreement with transport subcontractors for national and international transports, in order to provide a competitive and efficient delivery service to our customers.
Considering their time frame, we study the most beneficial delivery dates and various transport options, to save clients time and money.

It is always our intention to be involved at an early stage of a project, in order to review the design adopted and advise clients of possible mistakes or new solutions that could exist. The design stage is the ideal stage for us to contribute the most to a project, since better advice can be given regarding products characteristics and their most suitable applications.

We can help you finding the most suitable stones for its applications, including advice of their characteristics.

We do cut-to-size work accordingly to your specifications, for any special items including walling, paving, kerbs, setts, cladding, slabs and other stone masonry features.


Colours, patterns, shades, grains, finishes are all enclosed on a stone choice, and the variety is immense.

Our natural stone products gathers over 100 stones and range from Granite, Limestone, Marble, Onyx, Slate and Travertine, divided in three different segments, which are the standard, bespoke and industrial.

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Why are we passioned for natural stone?

Stone speaks for itself, but a good design and application plays a major role to create any desired environment.

Its all about feeling the earth, which makes you think and reflect on the beauty of our world. Stone has got that, it links you in some way to nature.
The beautiful world of stone, which we love the diversification involved, and lead us to be keen on working with customers to deliver exclusive environments.

Quality Certified (ISO 9001)

We seek to impose our own ongoing assessment of market opportunities, which implies a continuous process of improvement in quality, both in the final product as well on the services provided.

To accomplish these objectives the company is certified by ISO 9001:2008 under the scope: Sale of Natural Stone Products.

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