For hardscape and landscape projects

Cubes and Setts are a natural stone paving product very used for exterior environments like urban and historic city centers, parks, gardens, private driveways, etc.

We produce and supply a wide range of cubes and setts with different sizes, colors and finishes.

Standard Cubes & Setts sizes

  • 4/6cm
  • 7/9cm
  • 7/11cm
  • 9/11cm
  • 100x100x50mm
  • 200x100x50mm
  • 200x100x100mm

Standard Finishes

May vary according to type of material
May vary according to type of material
  • Cropped
  • 1 Face Flamed & rest Sawn
  • 1 Face Bush Hammered & rest Sawn
  • 1 Face Split & rest Sawn
  • Face and Base Split & Sawn sides
  • 1 Face Flamed & rest Split
  • 1 Face Sandblasted & rest Split
  • 1 Face Bush Hammered & rest Split
  • Face Sandblasted, Base Sawn & rest Split
Cubes & Setts Gallery

    Looking for natural stone Cubes and Setts with various sizes, and finishes? We can supply it.

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