Various Kerbs Solutions

Kerbs are designed to carry out transition zones between different types of pavements, to delimit spaces, such as sidewalks and streets, thus creating a rigid boundary increasing resistance.

Product available in a wide range of stones, sizes and finishes, including additional details such as chamfer and bevel. Complementary products as dropped kerbs, ramps, quadrants on straight and curved shapes are also available.

Standard Kerbs sizes

  • RLx100x200mm
  • RLx150x200mm
  • RLx250x220mm
  • RLx300x150mm
  • RLx300x250mm

Standard Finishes

May vary according to type of material
May vary according to type of material
  • Flamed top & face
  • Bush Hammered top & face
  • Shotblasted top & face
Kerbs Gallery

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