Our Walling Solutions

With the variety of materials, shapes and sizes of our Walling products, you can achieve multiple looks and feels for your projects.

Mostly used for delimitation or protection of different areas, we provide a large variety of solutions. Either it’s a tradicional rustic granite or schist wall, a marble features wall or a straight lines modern looking one, our Walling products confers a unique authenticity to your project.

Standard Walling stones sizes (Granite)

  • RLxRHx100mm
  • 400x400x100mm
  • 400x300x100mm
  • 300x200x100mm
  • 200x200x100mm
  • 400x400x200mm
  • 400x300x200mm
  • 300x200x200mm
  • 200x200x200mm

Standard Walling stones sizes (Schist)

  • RLxRHx30mm
  • RLxRHx50-60mm
  • RLxRHx100mm

Standard Walling stones finishes (Granite/Schist)

Walling Gallery

    Looking for natural stone exterior Walling with various sizes and finishes? We can supply it.

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