The Brand

Uggrec it’s a brand, a registered trademark. It´s Aggreco’s alter-ego for irreverency, always seeking for products that embrace the fusion of culture, art and modernity. It’s trendy, colorfull and fresh. Design focused.

A mixture of designs, colors, different materials and techniques, are the diversity of what we propose to offer.

We don’t only want to sell products, we believe we can sell concepts. We want to inspire! Provide you a unique overall experience when choosing the next design for your space.

Creativity is everywhere and our efforts are driven to bring it inside our door. No more conformity. It’s time to be bold, to dare our imagination to create singular expresions for different environments.

We are Uggrec and our commitment is for design and exclusiveness.

Warehouse/Showroom Gallery
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The Warehouse

Uggrec with you everywhere / The Warehouse

The Warehouse, besides being a physical place where we shoowroom our slab products, it’s also the confirmation of our commitment to constant innovate and diversificate the services we provide to our customers. It’s an online tool where our customers can consult whenever they want, all the variety of natural stone materials we have available in our warehouse.

TheWarehouse Web App by Uggrec
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